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Software Engineer, Security


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I work in a lot of areas, but most recently I have focused on software engineering with a focus on security first. I have led projects on security benchmarking standards (gathering, reporting, assessing posture), container vulnerability scanning, secure image building, cloud account build automation, gitops-style RBAC role development for cloud service and team roles, and many others.Primary languages and frameworks these days include Golang, Python, AWS (IAM, et al), Docker/Containerization, and "neat" tooling around IaC (Terraform, CFN, OPA, YAML-as-a-Programming-Language (🤣), etc.)


A little about me: I am...

  • A single dad of 4 amazing boys

  • Senior Software Engineer with over 14 years of experience

  • Army Reservist with 18+ years served concurrently

There's a lot to say in these three little bullet points, but I won't spend that time telling you here. Feel free to contact me to find out more!

Me and my family


I am always up for having a coffee or chat with anyone who is in the Madison, WI area. Feel free to use this form to reach out and schedule something.Building relationships matter, and I'm more than willing to be someone you can start doing that with.

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